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All  MaxiGrow Greenhouses are designed to be an economical alternative to larger more complex greenhouses.

Our MaxiGrow Greenhouses are simple in design yet versatile and flexible when deciding your climate control needs.

Grow Tunnels are available in a variety of sizes to suit your individual requirements.
Cablespan Shadehouses
The cablespan system allows for flexible design of shadehouse structures that target your horticultural needs.

A cablespan shadehouse is designed to withstand high winds and hailstorms while providing an efficient and effective growing area with wide bays and a minimum of internal posts. Bay widths can vary from 8m to 24m.

Multiple shade factors can be incorporated into the shadehouse canopy while the increasing interest in colour spectrum canopies is catered for with an available choice of white, black, green, red and grey shadecloth and nets.

Whether your growing nursery plants, cut flowers or market garden and hydroponic produce the combination of reduced sun and heat stress, reduced evaporation, and wind, rain, frost and hail protection will ensure superior quality and increase yields.

Cablespan shadehouses are constructed using only premium grade components for long life. Typical structures built in the 80's and 90's are still going strong.

All shadecloth and nets carry a 10yr UV degradation warranty while the use of double galvanised cable, high tensile galvanised wire, galvanised cable splices, galvanised anchor rods and screws, PVC hail links and sleeve plus hardwood, treated pine or galvanised steel posts will ensure your stock is protected during weather extremes.

Cablespan Shadehouses Size Range:
  • There is vertually no limit to the length and width of these structure
Sizes: available in almost any size combination
(length & width)
Greenhouses and Shadehouses
4 metre Grow Tunnel
6 metre MaxiGrow
8 metre MaxiGrow
10 metre MaxiGrow
12 metre MaxiGrow
- Supplied in kit form or fully installed -
4m wide x almost any length
6m wide x almost any length
8m wide x almost any length
10m wide x almost any length
12m wide x almost any length
All Multigrow tunnels are manufactured from galvanised CHS (pipe) steel ranging in size from 32mm to 60mm and roll form galvanised battens.

Solarweave reinforced greenhouse film (185gsm) is by far our most requested film. As the NSW and Qld agents we recommend Solarweave for its durability and excellent light transmission properties. Solarweave can be welded into any size flat sheet and clipped to our structures or fabricated into fitted slipover covers for our smaller structures.

*Extruded greenhouse film (180um) provides excellent light transmission levels.
*Polyfabric (250gsm) is a heavier fabric that provides high levels of shade and comfort for livestock.

*Shadecloth is available in shade factors from15% to 95%.

Roll Up Sides
Winch operated roll up side curtains are essential for providing adequate ventilation for your greenhouse structures. All roll up side walls come standard with shadecloth backing to provide protection from pests, vermin and weed seeds.

* Standard door size is 1.2m x 2m high and be sliding, hinged or roll up zippered door.
* Pivoting end wall vents are standard on all tunnels.

Greenhouse kits come complete with all items to complete your project. Springlock, tekscrews, bolts, pulleys, frameguard tape and a comprehensive installation manual.
Multigrow Structures
Our Multigrow structure is designed to meet the larger grower's climate control needs.

A Multigrow structure's design allows you to choose either a closed roof or sawtooth ventilation roof with optional gutter height. The galvanised frame consists of:

* C200 galvanised steel purlin post and gutter

* Galvanised steel pipe roof

Multigrow structures are designed to expand with your business. As the gutter is a structural member you can fit additional spans or increase length at any time with no modification to the existing structure.

Cover and climate control options are endless. Roll up sides, exhaust fans, evaporative cooling pads, thermo-reflective screens, insect screens and Solarweave or shadecloth can all be used to design your perfect growing environment.
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