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Livestock Shade Shelter & Comfort
Order before
31st August 2010
on the 6m x 4.5m
Standard Stable Kit
AquaFog Turbo Fans:
  •  Fuel Saver & Engine Conditioner
  • Odour Neutralizer and Effluent Control
  • Dust suppression for the mining, quarry, foundry, smelters, conveyor and loadings facilities at ports and general industries,
  • Odour control for recycling facilities & Temperature Control and Odour Control.
Coolfog high pressure fogging:
  • 'Cost Effective Animal Housing and Shade Shelters '  for Dairy yard shade, dairy feed pad shade, Cattle shade, Calf sheds, Calf shelters , Beef Cattle feed lots, Pig housing, Pig sheds, Poultry Sheds, Chook sheds, Rabbits houses, Rabbit sheds, Sheep shade, Sheep feedlots, Goat shade, Horse stables, farm buildings and zoo animals shelter and housing.
  • Feedlot shade, Yard Shade, Feedpad Shade, Paddock Shade, Farm and Machinery Sheds, Hay and Grain Storage.
  • Greenhouse, Shadehouse, Protective canopies and Netting structures for the Horticulture industry
Livestock Shade Shelter and Comfort, specialising in:
  • Humidification and Cooling
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